Spatialising the smog


After the Jury

After watching the episode of the crown , with the smog covered city seen through the windows.


Its interestign how the smog/fog acts as an eraser. Also that air, something we can’t usually spatialise or touch or even see properly has this quality of solidifying into something that obscures and disrupts. The production of this is due to concentrations.

I can’t find the mountain flattening to relieve pollution in China, :(.

A history of the world in 10 1/2 chapters

Ed’s reference: the book is sorted into 10 1/2 chapters telling different but at some points inter-related stories both fictional and historical. The use of the historical ‘real-world’ accounts dispersed amongst the fictions somehow legitimises the story with the real world, like Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis where he uses real letter correspondence in part one of his book. The woodworm, a stowaway in the ark (as worms were seen as lower creatures and not to be saved from the flood) provides an alternative account of Noah’s Ark from a worm’s point of view. The woodworm appears throughout as the narrator of decay of knowledge and historical understanding.

At this point beginning the TS document I have done some initial studies on the diamonds, researching and analysing them to become part of the technical design. So far for TS I am exploring the concept of the space elevator but now with a move further into the smog, I think it would maybe be useful to tackle air filtration, air movement and defining space to manipulate air flow and pollution dissipation. Also look into distance and loss of definition when parts per million increase and decrease.

Also SMOG FREE TOWER and SMOG FREE RING (42% of smog is carbon, when compressed it becomes diamond, so it’s basically a pre-diamond ring)

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