Space Obelisk continued




Doing some more ambiguous images of the tower, in desolate landscapes.

Renders to come!

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4 Responses to Space Obelisk continued

  1. Maxime Monin says:

    Bye bye Waterworld, hello Mad Max … *discret tear at the corner of the eye*

  2. Nicholas Zembashi says:

    Why tear I think I prefer Mad Max apocalypse to Waterworld Maxime! And also somehow like the coldness/greyness that isn’t quite Mad Maxi-ish either!

  3. Maxime Monin says:

    Haha, it is because you are focusing on petrol war, surrounded by the desert – you are not objective Nicholas !
    No seriously I was kidding, I like the B&W/apocalyptical feeling too.

  4. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    haha – maxime you and nicholas are hilarious.

    though seriously everyone, as long as there’s a flamethrowing guitarist on a pimped truck, it’s all good.

    on another note, EMMA, eeerrrrrmmm. thought we were never to see the exterior again? You had me at hello, Wes Anderson section? I do believe your project is called something like the continuous interior for now until we find something jazzier, no? shouldn’t we be, like, you know, INSIDE, or something?