Been playing around in an arduino workshop with a certain Diego, from Mexico City! He works particularly with sound and arduino and translating music samples into spacial design. Thought it would be useful to see what he teaches and does. Yesterday we discussed the idea that the green foam models should somehow force the viewer to move around to capture the view of the different samples; scale, position, form and movement. The arduino is interesting in terms of its possibilities to force the viewer to move to capture the sound samples that accompany the models. The sensors become embedded into the model perhaps? For now the arduino will stay a side note and perhaps come into play for the second iteration of the models. For now I will work on the 4 set of integrated models. But, here is the fun of arduino!


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One Response to Soundspaces

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    How did you meet Diego? He taught in this year’s summer school!