some thursday night Zizek

Slavoj Zizek’s “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce” talk about consumption (only 10 minutes and quite entertaining!)


A little philosophy-heavy reference maybe, but my argument is being informed by Zizek’s, and especially from the following two quotes:

“You don’t just buy something, you buy into something. You buy your redemption from being only a consumer.”
“Let’s not try and hide the evil, let’s make the evil apparent.”

This is the split between the two cities that I am designing – both consume, but one is unaware of the way it is consuming itself whilst the other one is all about making this consumption apparent.

What I kept wording as “buying a lifestyle” before can now be changed to buying into (as opposed to buying). We buy into the city.

One city (passive consumption) continues its life as the utopian city and all “evil” forms of consumption are removed from it – i.e. the sweatshop, the McDonalds and the Walmart. These “evil” consumptions are moved to the city above, where people are aware they are in a permanent state of consumption as they wonder around on a massive horizontal shop-window feeing off the city below as well as the sweatshops, McDonalds and Walmarts that exist in their world. They actively consume.

What is removed from the ground floor interestingly all exist in big box form – these now empty big boxes are left to ruin in the city of passive consumption. What is presented as the ‘dystopian’ city, or the city of active consumption, is in reality the honest one.

This will all become more clear when I finish drawing the plans!

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