Some paradoxes and Keplerian observations




Tutorial with Javier was good. He thought it was great I didn’t make perspective the driving force, sine qua non, behind the project, but rather a component (tool) within it. We talked of physics, of light, the bending of light, and the fundamental conditions of architecture – of course, gravity! Will ponder for tomorrow how all of this can actually turn into a project, so it doesn’t just become a tome of research. But he told me that there was no need to hurry; basically, the TS will require (condition?) the project, rather than the other way around.

EDIT: Revised final paragraph of the Project/TS statement

The problem we seek as our departure point exists simultaneously as a scientific and architectural problem: gravity. Le Corbusier, super-father of Modern architecture, once said that “the history of European architecture is the history of the struggle with the window.” He also wrote the well-known line of “architecture is the learned game /…/ of forms assembled in the light.” Mass and energy, gravity and light, these are our rallying points. In our world, from our perspective, light is bent by gravity. Our perspective is distorted by the very presence of an object with mass. Gravity is a question of perception, but not only that: we do not yet know what gravity is transmitted by, only that it has to be by a force similar to that of light. In the same way, we do not know yet what a factory of gravity will look like, only that we are now standing on the point of making it possible. This project aims to build the force of gravity itself, and, by extension, to unite architects around that very force, whose true nature still remains elusive to all of us.

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  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    These are some nice looking pages!
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