Some more TS and Consequences of the factory


Here are some more updates on TS, how the hot air would travel through the tower.TS BOOK Chapter 4 170-171 TS BOOK Chapter 4 172-173 TS BOOK Chapter 4 174-175

I have also been trying to respond to the questions that were raised on the previews and the jury. These are the points that I believe will be important for me to address:

1. What are the external consequences/feedback loop of my intervention/industrial presence? I think I need to step out of the isolation of the quarries and introduce urban context. The work in progress screenshot shows the beginnings of the plan showing the emergence of a city with the quarry becoming the inverted infrastructural energy monument, a modern step well, a carved monument to production and transformation.

2. Who is the viewer? This relates back to the first question, where the city would go through two lifespans: the industrial village for workers (emerging while the factory is in operation), and the spiritual land art esque town with the viewing platform (a mix of Turrel’s volcano, Grand Canyon and Shenzhen). Both of the responses need to be sharpened in terms of the argument, but I believe they will bring the project out of it’s isolation.Untitled-1

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