some model photos

sorry iphone photographs better ones to come. Working on my book until later tonight when I will go back to painting and glueing

photo1 photo2

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2 Responses to some model photos

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    You will somewhere have to insert a mirror so you can have a Velasquez-like Las Meninas moment revealing the author. Or like Vermeer’s The Music Lesson revealing the tools of the author (tripod, camera instead of his easel and stool).

    oh yes.

    • Eleanor Dodman says:

      There is a mirror in the checkerboard floor room in the doors before the floor changes it’s just a really bad photo but I think it will need to get bigger to see me in it so maybe another room I cut a lot of frames to put on the walls with things in maybe one of them can hold a mirror