Some first TS steps



baby steps at this point… going through references regarding

– Fake terrain

– panorama

– diorama

– perspective

– forced perspective

I am also making TS pages for all my FT models…

Room 1 + the video

Found these images – I think they’re so cool!! – I can’t find any about how to build it… – the technique though

325494.tif 329258.tif American-Museum-Of-Natural-History-Before-And-After-06A-1024x815 American-Museum-Of-Natural-History-Before-And-After-06B-1024x815 322580.tif 281096.tif

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2 Responses to Some first TS steps

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    i like the style of your drawing a lot – you could also do the same with your model photograph / FT. Include description about what each layer contributes – and include the video aspect of time / animation / inhabitation (the little guy)