Soane’s Re-Con

This is a very brief sketch on the cities that Soane re-conned into his Bank of England.

The story line I’m thinking now is as such:

Ruin is a negative mirror. The observer recognises the little that is his, discovering the much he has not had, and will never have.

So Soane somehow knew about these ancient cities and he was obsessed with some of the qualities of these cities, only that he realised London can never possess these qualities. Thus, he embodies them into a drawing of the Bank of England in construction. Predicting that London somehow change radically and have Bank of England in ruin, looking exactly the same as the painting of it in construction.

I was thinking that to have London in Ruin would be the only way for London to turn into the image as Soane desired (with the qualities of those cities Soane was obsessed with). Maybe Soane designed the building as such to lead London to turn to ruin so he can have his utopia city in the future? (doesn’t make much sense now but something on those lines…)

Back to the ancient cities:

1. Underground city

sketch of ancient underground city

Derinkuyu in Turkey

2. Vertical city – Zirma

sketch of ancient vertical city Zirma

Shibam, Yemen


3. Floating city – Anastasia



4. Grid city – Dorothy

sketch of ancient grid city Dorothy

Austin, Texas


5. Mountain city

Yungang Grottoes, Datong

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