So far


I will stop working on this for the moment to sketch out the next three.




I’ve redesigned one house to be earthquake resistant (hello TS), and I am focusing until tomorrow on a long drawing that simultaneously sites it in Nepal and in an alternate constructed world. I am aware that I need to do 30181 more so that it’s never about the one house but the act of collision. It took a while because in the beginning I thought to make it all a construction drawing but then I wanted some 3D other than perspective. The last tutorial really really really cleared the clouds in my head. I will post an update as soon as it looks like something presentable. No more things that float in rhino space.

YAY to Wasash, can I call you Queen Minion? and Naranja!!!!!!

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2 Responses to So far

  1. Nara Ha says:

    I like the definition of your house, the act of collision. If you want to do quick brainstorming for 30181 houses in different context, maybe making 5mins quick collage per each house could be a fun lunchtime exercise?