Sketching out the next drawings

sketch of plates

I have sketched out the possible options for the next few plates that i am planning to do (hopefully, to have first draft by Friday). All of them have a bit of an unfold action going on, where I start by showing one side of the drawing and then flip it open. Here’s a short description of each numbered drawing:

1. The storing cells part of the drawing (on the left) unfolds to the geology drawing, all done in a geology map style with the bath house where all colorful materials get mixed.

2. Energy and heat drawing showing temperature and texture change in furnace and refinery. This drawing will have a Philip Rahm aesthetic.

3. Cold end of the factory, with the conveyor belt appearing from the refinery. The scene is photorealistic with Kuka robots, glass storage and people. At the end of the perspective is the warehouse sliding door, half open, with ???? (need to figure out what) happening behind it.

I have also been having some trouble finding information of geological stratification (the layers of landform) that my “rock” will consist of, so for now I will believably fake them.

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