Site Drawing update

I have updated it since the last blog. Let me know what you think I agree about the hatches ect ect but I will do those in illustrator at the moment I am trying to tile the drawing together which I think I have figured out. What I have done is use the grid of the building as the reference points so that all the drawing tile together. So the building plan is always embedded in the drawing, bit cheesy maybe but seemed logical. That was even though you will never see the plan or elevation it is codified in the drawing. I think I might move the Eisenman up and i am going to add floor boards. Will update with the tile-able drawings later on.


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One Response to Site Drawing update

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Looks lots better – still feels as though it needs to be wider (panel on either side)- so start thinking about how-where the drawing can expand. Maybe it becomes a scroll – and truly takes on the narrative form…… We can talk tomorrow. More content!!