site drawing tests

test 1- in this one I begin to show the upper levels, the scale is the same as the house

test 2 – i have upped the scale and moved it down to show the upper level

test 3- in this one i have upped the scale but have chosen not to show the upper level

Drawing I showed at my tutorial.


I think that test 2 is the best tbh the question is does it give to much of the building away?

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One Response to site drawing tests

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Doesn’t give much of the building away but it does seem to overwhelm the other pieces which are suddenly made miniature by comparison. Need to move house V away from your Mauso as it’s awkwardly close. Also, need to start texturing the **** out of it so the emphasis isn’t always on all the tiny (and relatively unimportant) details – like the infamous trees. The filling in of the narrative of the drawing will do much to tell you where the drawing will end up. start to graphic-up the stories – Rowe, the weird moments and details we discussed on Friday so we can see how the Mauso sits in between those two. Also your vertical wall at the extreme left top corner is weird and empty (for lack of more critical assessment….)