Simulated Desertification Scene WIP

16_The Sandy City (0-00-00-16)

Working on this scene – animated version to come.

I read the report in the morning
and as soon as I stepped outside,
I knew that thousands of other
people had obviously read it as
well. My view showed sand
everywhere. It was like the
entire Sahara desert blew into
the city.

Flying over the city, the roads in between the buildings are covered in sand. Dunes roll between skyscrapers and over parks. Speckles of sand in the air sparkle in the sunlight.

The data was apocalyptic –
extreme desertification within 50
years.Investment in renewables
doubled. The report was all
anyone could talk about –
Leviathan was obsessed for days.
When the panic resided and
Leviathan forgot about it, then
the dunes mostly disappeared, but
it still nags on my mind, and I
still see sand in my things.

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