Shift in Scale – Concrete Snake

importance of scales in project concrete monster that deals with very intimate moments: scale of the megastructure vs scale of the human body/corpse
huge contradiction, just like Whiteread’s House was one big paradox (private/public, intimate/monumental, open/closed, inside/out, presence/absence, life/death, …)

‘thick concrete slabs’ with bodies/urns placed everywhere inside them

concrete ‘islands’…

… defined by existing fabric……. and connected

project focus not about ‘rooftop city of the dead’ in itself but about relation with existing, the extent to which they are weaved one into the other. moments of interactions, overlaps, disconnections, effect on one another, potential evolution..
.:. will need to zoom in into points of access, how visible/hidden is one of the cities when in the other, perforations above-below to orchestrate views, light entry, etc

for now next step is to do small axos (or plans) to figure out relation of carcass (city of the living) with what sits on top, the qualities of that space (intermediary scale, between megastructure and body)

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  1. Madeleine Kessler says:

    Maybe you have already seen these, but I just saw them and thought of your project