To Oli, an extract of Only Lovers Left Alive by Jim Jarmusch (2013):

Eve: “What about all your blessed scientists?”

Adam: “Scientists … well look at what they’ve done to them. Pythagorus? Slaughtered. Galileo? Imprisoned. Copernicus? Ridiculed. Poor old Newton pushed into secrecy and alchemy. Tesla? Destroyed and his beautiful possibilities completely ignored. And they’re still bitching about Darwin … still. So much for the scientists … And now they’ve succeeded in contaminating their own ****ing blood, nevermind their water.”

Eve: “Yeah, well, if we’re going to have a litany of all the zombie atrocities of history, we’ll be here till the sun comes up.”

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One Response to Science

  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    This is especially good this I never watch films!

    I’ll find a place for it in the book, somehow …