Scaled up

I have moved away from the scale of a room to this 100 x 150 m space. I think I am basically designing something in between a theatre and a film set. I am incorporating ideas that I had in previous versions of the model like on the top right for example the void between the books and library would create an imprint on a wall with light for example which if it were a view out of a window would look like a city scape. In the center of the green room the semi circle – top left – is the camera movement which would create images like the Vienna reference I like and the three fold drawings we talked about last time. Proscenium wall to be added. I also added a staircase like in the Boros because it merges two opposing pathways. I want to think how to add the eidograph too because it’s all about the process of drawing which creates the scaled up reaction at the same time. And I am trying to design the frame work which would allow the required movements. Also in one TS tutorial I’ve been given the idea that perhaps energy is created when one floor plate is released to fall because of its own weight. For TS I need to look into a lot of dynamic architecture references to apply them accordingly.

New key word: transpose


Another reference…

IMG_1303 IMG_1314


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