Scale of the fragment


I have allotted a scale to the building for the purpose of my TS investigation into the fragment, here it is, shown with the Eiffel Tower for scale. I think this is about right for the monumental size of building I am proposing, at this scale it overtakes the Boeing Everett Factory as the building with the largest volume.

Volume = Height x Width x Depth

480 x 240 x 240 = 27,648,000 m3

Over double the Boeing Factory volume which is 13,365,552 m3

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3 Responses to Scale of the fragment

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    how come you decided to dig and put an underground level? I thought it was lifted above the existing?

    section lookin’ scarftastic ;)

    • Emma Fraser says:

      With the weight of all the machinery it was more structurally viable to make a flat basement than intercept the city like I was originally planning. VE has taken over!

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    nooooooo! kill VE. it doesn’t exist until you sign the contract.
    HOVER like the delicate beast you are, oh great interior!