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Moises Cosio (fim director and collector)


What was the first piece that impressed you?     

“Faith Moves Mountains” by Francis Alys. From that point on, I realised the social importance in art and how art had more to do with social practices rather than just being aesthetically pleasing.

“Alÿs visited Lima in 2000 just before the collapse of the Fujimori government and found ‘a desperate situation that called for an “epic response”, at once futile and heroic, absurd and urgent.’ He returned in 2002 to organise When Faith Moves Mountains, persuading 500 Peruvian students to walk in a line up a sand dune on the outskirts of the city, digging as they went, thus displacing the dune by a few centimetres. The action – Alÿs’s most visually spectacular to that date – was filmed from various positions and the images were subsequently used on postcards, whilst the artist also encouraged the spread of news of the work through rumour and myth.”

Mexico’s Bright Collecting Future! 

interesting article however I found some of his answers a bit dry, he doesn’t say that much.


ALUMNOS 47 ( His foundation,which supports the local arts community in Mexico City as well as projects related to film, media, and social issues.)


also good to know in general –>

Mexico City was a host to a range of cultural events at the beginning of this year with Zona Maco and Material art fair. How do you see Mexico’s art scene progress further?  
“I see it developing a lot. I see it is becoming more popular everyday and a lot of people are giving it more attention. Nonetheless, it is really important now that artists do not confuse the neon lights with stars, and focus on the content rather than on the form.”

The 2 most popular Art fairs in Mexico.

Zona Maco–>

Material Art Fair–>


Juan García Esquivel

The King of Space age pop:–>

Space age pop –> associated with Mexican and American composers and songwriters in the Space Age of the 1950s and 1960s. It is also called bachelor pad music or lounge music.Space age pop was inspired by the spirit of those times, an optimism based on the strong post-war economy and technology boom, and excitement about humanity’s early forays into space.”

After listening to some of his compositions I realised that they sound familiar to me! my grandfather used to listen to his music. The intro of the second piece reminds me of the composition Natasha’s presented on the first jury.


Santiago Genoves ( imagine what happened there…omg..I don’t even want to know… there is a documentary and book written by Genoves that goes into details..)

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 1.21.46 PM


For the French Speakers ( i don’t understand a word of french maybe somebody translate, Natasha? Sab?

Also –>

Ra I and Ra II  Expedition


In 1969 and 1970 respectively, Genovés had been a crewmember on Ra I and Ra II, the craft constructed out of papyrus reeds by the Norwegian anthropologist Thor Heyerdahl. As with his Kon-Tiki, Heyerdahl wanted to use these expeditions to corroborate his theories about epic voyages made by early peoples. During these voyages, Genovés learned what every sailor has known since time immemorial: ‘There’s no better testbed for studying human behaviour than floating around together on the high seas in a cockle-shell.’









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