Sample drawing…UPDATE


(First thing first, i need to figure out some difference in aesthetic between the artboard of the model and the ‘stitch’ around.  this is the base for one drawing of a puzzle )

A collage within a collage/ an art board within an artboard. The stitching of the samples becomes the area of design. wther designing through speed, choreography or time, the stitches becomes new worlds in themselves.

A layering of processes to create distorted manipulations of fragments.

I start with the mechanical process of SORTING, this becomes a filtering of elements which conclude with a final form and model, capturing the fragments. An assembly line of design.

Physical assembly of the sampled world.


Next drawing becomes stitched onto this one, but discuss another theme of the design process of the sampled landscape…

For Friday, have version 1 of this panel (with textures, renderings…), and base of the next panel, for discussion!

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