So I really need a backup plan as I will NEVER make it on time at this paste. Every piece takes a day or more. I need to cut every piece in 3 smaller pieces and it is just mental. I managed to go to the Bartlett where it is open tomorrow and bank holiday as well. so I will try there and I have booked one at school on Tuesday. I went to Imakr in clerkenwell where the guy is SERIOUSLY HOT. and I will pay some pieces to do there. I am going to this guy tonight who has this 3d printer as well.

The only solution is to 3d print the weird shapes and then the rest by lasercut so this is taking me quite a long time. Good side of the story, having this 3d model I can make2d drawings. I will have a trial tonight. Updates tomorrow.20160528_154143 20160527_170319 (1) 20160527_170316

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