Rule 11: Draw the factory

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I am drawing Duchamp’s door for TS. Thought it was appropriate to draw it in 2 pt perspective. I thought this reference will help me think of the spaces as adjacent but not necessarily aligned. Need to figure out a specific interest for TS…


What I am trying to do is to dissect the film since the conversation always goes back to that in my tutorials because I really want to understand, declare and define what my factory is.


In the spirit of not having Prouve in the spotlight the spaces I am referring to in the sketches below are quite neutral.

I now think that the project oscillates between the place of construction (backstage) and the place of fiction (stage) through a contextless and contentless space (to be more clear this is the green room in the case of the film).

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

My aim is to draw the bottom, left sketch.

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