Resolution – WIP



After an intense discussion on whatsapp, I decided to move forward with the idea of resolution and preservation. So, I started with my favourite grain, the Tank Man, and try to preserve the event, having in thought that this photo is still being censored in China.

I tried to preserve the essence of the incident, which exist only within 2-3 photos and a 2:55 long video. I decided to take artefacts as they are seen in the photos and isolate them.

I started with the tank man’s shirt, and using it as a displacement map, I created a 3d surface of it, trying it at different resolution levels.

tank man isolated  shirtdisplacement iterations final shirt


RESOLUTION is the process of reducing things into sensible form (working on that definition). It is connected with the process and it affects the output. Thus, the process takes a key part in the project, how those “things” transform into forms. In the t-shirt the final form becomes completely detached from the original, yet it still preserves its essence and its symbolic significance. Would such an object be displayed in China? What would it mean to the viewer?

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2 Responses to Resolution – WIP

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    there’s a book on the shelf in unit space called ‘understanding comics’ is a paperback – blackish cover and B5ish in size.

    there’s an interesting set of pages on resolution/abstraction in it. might help.

    also, as resolution drops, i would imagine that curves and vertex points drop as well. above it looks as though noise was added?

  2. Can you explain me how displacement, resolution and preservation works together? As it sounds interesting but I am not sure if I got it.