Argument + Research folder

For today, I prepared the argument for Manolis tutorial. It was pretty useful as it forces me to write down elements that were floating of forgotten – looking at all my project at once.

Interestingly enough, I realised my presentation follows the exact opposite sequence of my argument. The former first bring facts (sand market, caryatid etc.) and introduce progressively the notion of language, as well as cipher spaces. The latter does it  the other way around :

Argument 1Argument 2Argument 3

In the meantime, I am working on my narrative and presentation. Right now, trying to compose a ‘folder’ that will be presented as my investigation of these cipher. The folder will contain different type of documents including :

– press/articles
– photographs (some will be my collages..)
– analysis (formal, material -> see. images below)

I am currently working on these, unfinished at this point but on the way :


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