Renaissance and the corporation

THIS POST SHOULD PRECEDE ‘THE ORB’ POST (not sure how to move the posts around on the timeline, but this thought development is more primitive then ‘Architectural Diversity in the Workplace’)

Using this blog space for developing this idea:

The Renaissance seems to me to share many of the insular qualities of the corporation. It is self-referential, intra-networked, very aggressive and its relationship to the outside world at the time is through a certain notion of a facade.  The idea of the ‘rebirth’ made me consider that the supernova had similar qualities :) and perhaps these ‘aggressively insular’ events could be traced down to the modern corporation. An analogy would be a tumour – something that is seen as a negative by the body, but yet can keep expanding given its aggressive internal processes. It exists in relation to the body behind a ballooning facade. There are many places where the line of thinking seems to fall down, but I want to keep going with it for a while by continually editing this blog post.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 16.51.03

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