Reenacting in the 21st Century

Frida Timeline

Kahlo Deconstruction

Kahlo Stage


I decided to go forward with the notion of reenactment and to explore it as an act of performance within the context of the museum of the 21st century: The Theatre. As Bardi revolutionised the exhibition method by introducing ‘free-standing artwork’ as such I’m looking to reenact the life and theme of the paintings allowing them to inhabit the space three dimensionally and establishing a 360 degrees performance for the viewer. If we take the term of reenactment as; the subjective expression of an event which has already occurred then the ‘Painting’ can be viewed as the uppermost form of the latter. Within the context of Kahlo’s life her portraits are extremely valid examples of reenactment, whereby her life events are juxtaposed through rich symbolism with her profile. I thus decided to start and deconstructed the latter according to the various layers of information in order to understand the overarching themes which link one image to the other. What was interesting to notice is how this visual relationship can be translated into one of time and space un-layering as such the narrative of Frida’s life.

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