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Humphrey Repton, a british landscape architect from 1800’s . He documented his commissions in books, called Red books.  He made 400 of them!!

repton2repton1  repton3 repton4


What I like about him is that, later on, he uses his Red Books to shape his ideology and approach to landscape.

Therefore he ends up publishing 2 very popular books which drew on material and techniques used in the Red Books.  – ‘Observations on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening’  and ‘Fragments on the Theory and Practice of Landscape Gardening’.

Sorry for blabbing on about him, I found him interesting – as well as the parallel between Red books and DIp 9 White books. 

I think we all aspire towards building projects which do not just tick the box of what we did in our 2015-2016 year… but rather lead towards something.  Speaking in terms of portfolio as content but also envelope, it should give us something back we can refer to again and again.

The Red Books’ structure :

– He begins with an introduction of the commission  —-> BRIEF

– Introduction of site and location

– Existing

– Proposal

– He concludes by arguing why the client should go forward with his proposal.

When you look at it we haven’t gone too far from 2 centuries ago.


Also, different things….but wanted to post the links to force myself to talk about them… (sorry – I’m using the blog as a sketchbook atm.)


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  1. I like him, click here on the Hatchlands Red Book + and you will see the whole portfolio.

    So in my view the red book becomes a manual…right?