Realities(5)-Images in progress

Currently working on the images. Here are two of the dyptique. They need to be worked more but I am now starting two others so that i can have an overview for tomorrow. The ‘space’ [i need to somehow find a name for it] is getting a bit more complex as i am in fact adding objects so that the images are as good as possible. I think I am now done with the fabrication of the space > I will start to make the final model tomorrow.

I had a thought on how the project could perhaps evolve for the next step. Now, it aims to understand the construction of the representation of a space in a cinema studio-like space. And as a matter of fact the images reveals the spacial and technical apparatus through which the representation of the space is constructed. Perhaps an interesting way is to export this protocol to the real city – and how its image is constructed. And the frame(s) is no more the unique camera of the film director but the cameras of the millions of smartphones belonging to the ones experiencing / living in the city. Instagram (among other) is one of the apparatus through which the representation of the city is constructed…

Here are the images :







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