Realities (2)

Sorry for the late post… Last friday I presented a version of the space I am working on, where objects – ornaments of the city [Eiffel tower, Obelisque, window, montain, Seagram building]- were moving on a grid and were recorded by a camera. at t=x, in the frame of the camera, would appear one possible reality (depending on the position of the objects). The control of the movement of the object appeared to blur – and complexify – the way the apparatus would work and be understood…

I somehow tried to redefine the space as being embedded in a set of several standing simple objects (walls, windows, doors). Together they form an uncanny and seemingly weird environment. Only when you look at it from a certain point of view, within a define frame, you would be able to understand the realities they unveil. Having them form one reality is easy. Having several potential reality embedded in the space is more difficult.

I set the first basis by drawing a few basic elements, then set the position of the frame and then slowly build the realities together, each one having to exist without compromising the chance for the others to exist from another angle. Its a very slow process – and i have been struggling to build the digital model. You can see it as it is now – I will work on the frames tomorrow, I still need to texture, put the backgrounds,… I would like it to become much more complex. Now there are 3 realities embedded – I would like to have at least 6-7 (maybe up to 10) at the end.

I will show the frames tomorrow hopefully – they need to be worked otherwise they cannot be really understood.








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