Questions for Mexico_FRIDA

Started to look through the list of architects we will meet! – sooooo exciting! YEY

Frida Escobedo – AZTEC INSPIRED V&A PAVILION 2015 -

A really nice pavilion that gives you playful ways in which to enjoy the courtyard!

description excerpts :

A pavilion should be something that is activated and asks questions,”
- what questions were you considering when designing it?

Using the landscape of Tenochtitlan – an Aztec settlement that has since been engulfed by Mexico City – as a starting point, the architect planned a system of curved and rectangular steel-frame platforms that sit over the courtyard’s lawn, paving and shallow pool. Each has adjustable feet so it can adapt to different levels.

Together, they are intended to represent the many multicultural influences that coexist in contemporary Mexico.
The whole idea was about this notion of wearing a mask,” she added. “This is an appropriation of a space and it changes the face of the space temporarily, like a mask. And that generates different characters, just like in theatre.”
“It is a pavilion that embraces itself as much as it can,” added Escobedo. “This is not who we are, this is my interpretation of what Mexico is, and it’s more important for me to generate activity than to just present our culture.”

DO YOU THINK MEXICO CITY GENERATES ACTIVITY? how?? – and by activity what do you think of?

pavilion v&a3pavilion v&a 2



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