Putting things together


My intention is to make a drawing as a way to link parts of the recon, mainly through scales. I completely agree with the concept of using drawing as a process rather than a representation. I hope this is not counter-productive though since I don’t have it figured out as an outcome yet, I’m building in 3D and then I will decide which way to two dimensionalise and make a drawing.

A few tutorials ago Manolis gave the idea to draw in 2 to 1 not only 1 to 1, so I incorporated part of this in the drawing as a response to the architect constructing in paper in miniature.

Reading the unit brief again, my favourite part is “The expectation is not that you make a buildable world. Rather, the thing you build will be your identity.” I chose Prouve because of the construction drawings and the clarity within this linear way of working making me question whether I can insert something less predictable within. For this reason I am quite attached to the outcome of his process be it a house or chair. I think though that more than the product of houses and furniture, Prouve was designing an event; that of the assembly-reassembly-disassembly; much more than the event of inhabitation.

I want with the project to be aware of the scale of our inhabitation while constructing through the medium of drawing. I think here is where my interest in the photograph with workers drawing the plane comes in.

As I have a tendency to leave things unfinished I need to progress with this ‘drawing’ so that it can become useful for me.

Main question I need to answer: what am I constructing?

I like this drawing by Will Insley because to me it seems that the spaces he is drawing are actually within the thickness of the paper.


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4 Responses to Putting things together

  1. Sasha Alexander Zhukov says:

    From what you are saying, seems that it should be “use drawing as a way to link parts of the recon”, rather then “make a drawing as a way to link parts of the recon”, so you shift from products (representation) into actions… and manipulate your way of working (actions) and have a continuous output, rather then focus on representation in drawings. Thats what I’m doing, yo!

  2. Anny Stephanou says:

    I agree masasha this is my intention. I want to invent a way of work, my process, for having a continuous output. But I think this comes from experimenting and since I am unsure of things I’m starting with this. Looking forward to see your action!

  3. Anny Stephanou says:

    you thought of meee? grazie mille I will see if they have it here :)