Project Statement v.4


Obsession (obsedere) was first used in warfare to describe the siege of a city, where the city is surrounded but the citadel is not taken. In another word, the subject of obsession is in focus yet unreachable. Max Klinger chased after a glove in his set of engravings – “The Glove”, portraying this tension vividly. At each plate of this set of 10 engravings, Klinger got close to picking up the glove but never actually got hold of it, the tension of the glove just slipping away intensifies the desire for the glove, acting as the force to keep the obsession lasting.


In Gandy’s Bird’s Eye View of the Bank of England, the siege of obsession has taken the form of nature, surrounding the subject of desire: The Ruin of the Bank of England.
“with a little imagination one might visualise a London left to nature’s healing hand … a lost and broken city hidden under a great forest of sycamore.”
Brenda Colvin described the undeniable relationship between architecture and the enveloping nature as if nature is acting as a shield for the architecture, rather than taking over architecture; watching, but not touching the ruins.


This frustration of never reaching the goal of obsession is expressed in the Ruin Theme Park in my Re-con. The self repeating scripted route lead the visitors around a world overflowing with ruins. The fixation on the ruin however never allow the visitors to reach the ruins. We are being attracted as well as pushed away by the subject of obsession, trapping us to orbit around the subject in the never-resting Theme Park. This centrifugal force of obsession is generated by our attraction to the subject and the inability to stop.


As much as Gandy is trapped in orbiting a fantastical world, Soane in the orbit around antiquities. The siege of obsession is both trapping our focus on the object and holding us from reaching it. We must take ourself away from this self-repeating loop to bring the obsession into our reality.


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