Project Reviews – wallpaper

I spoke to Photious (print shop) today and asked about the quote for printing our wallpaper on canvas. I gave him the dimensions I got from Sabri.

I got the canvas samples from him with prices. We discussed with Sabri and there are two types we need to choose from:

– Production Polyester Canvas 260gsm, roll 914mmx30m at a price £44.97
– Finetex Polyester Canvas 280gsm, roll 914mmx30m at a price £61.00

I know it might seem obvious to go for the cheaper one but I remember Natasha mentioned that few years ago they printed on canvas and because it was ‘thin’ it melted and drawings stretched, so let me know what you think I shall place an order of one roll which will be delivered on Friday as Photious said.

As for the quote for printing, once we decide which type of canvas to use Photious will work out the price tomorrow morning for us, I am doing my best to get a good discount on that :)

I will be helping Sasha tonight with his presentation. Tomorrow morning I am finishing Nara’s box and will need to help her set it up for tables. All for now.

Good luck 5th years tomorrow!!!


P.S. Anouk, thanks for putting the list together :)

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