Project Review update 15.06

Dear all,

Few updates from the Project Review organization.

1.Joel left in the studio 3 small monitors, media players, mounts and powerleads which we can use! HUrray!
2. I will start immediately the drawing of the wallpaper with the tv screens location and send it to Lee. He said it should be no problem to build it.
3. I have received all drawings for the wallpaper, I am missing just Cat and Anny.
4. Eleonore sent the indesign file for the DIP9 book so Miru is taking care of that.
5. I think the white books as well are coming along.
6. Felix today did the frames for Cat, and tomorrow he is picking up the printed drawings for Oliver and Cat as well. (a massive thank you)

7. Tomorrow we could meet all together, after 5th year tutorial I guess to discuss further with Natasha any further updates..

Ciaoooooo! Good luck 5th yearssssss last days!!

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2 Responses to Project Review update 15.06

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:


    I need a gif tutorial from you. definitely. absolutely.
    you have a GIFT.
    use it wisely.