Project Review meeting 11.06

Great meeting today! We will have drawings/sketches tomorrow to show the various ideas, I will write everything which we discussed today if I forget something, please add it on the comment section. This is just our proposal, tomorrow we discuss anything to change/add etc.

1. The main idea is to have the large wall above the fireplace of one color which can be pink/gold or silver. We though silver was very Andy Warhol.. As a center piece there will be the Dip9 portrait. On top of the fireplace, we can have small models, like Miruna’s soup and frames with our pictures etc

2. On both sides of the fireplace, the whole walls will be covered with a full landscape of drawings. We are collecting in the

DROPBOX folder 15 drawings for each person. Please upload the drawings in the size you wish to have it printed, we created a small/medium/large folders in the dropbox main folder.

I am checking prices for a possible print on canvas, on normal paper from the plotter and from the wallpaper company. These drawings will be available then, with the aurasma app to become alive.

3. These drawings will be printed the same size of those walls, Anouk is measuring the room still but there will be hanged from the ceiling running until the pavement. There are going to be cut out for the screens to be embedded behind the wallpapers. I sent an email to Joel, asking for 3 small screens, a projector for Nara, but we will have a confirmation tomorrow as today he is taken by tables.

4. We counted we have videos from: Felix, Cat, Anny,Oliver, Nara, Sabrina,Miruna. 8 videos. If we have 3 screens we could share the videos between these screens otherwise if we are left just with one screen we will have to have one long video looping.

5. For the books and models, we would like to have plinths, max 8/10 where we can have the books, Felix factory/house, Anouk marble plinth,Maridia white scales models, cat glycerin columns, Sabrina mirror drawings, Miru crashed buildings, baby jesus…. eheheh ok no. Then perhaps, we were thinking to have Miru endless folding paper machine, which can scroll down our dip9 bible book.

For now this is all. We will be ready tomorrow with time schedule, book binding, costs and sketches in order to discuss everything. I am in touch with DIP5 waiting for their plan and Djordje is talking with dip17 to avoid any dividing walls..

See you tomorrow!

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One Response to Project Review meeting 11.06

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    All sounds good! just want to note that my ‘glycerin columns’ shouldn t be exhibited because:

    1. they are just test models for TS. not even the actual design or optimal angle
    2. they leak a bit – it will be a mess
    3. Alone they are really not very interesting

    i am happy to show themin the video/drawings :)

    thank youuuu