Project Review 22.06


1. White book and DIP9 book are going to be leaving soon for binding
2. Djordje and Sasha went to take the rubber from Pentonville Rubber
3. AA cards will be ready on Thursday and signs will be done today
4. The wallpaper is coming along, I will update it every hour so we can discuss it together. Once it is finished, it might be a good idea to have it all black and white, as this year most of the drawings are greyish. Then it would be looking like a real pattern with a huge writing FACTORY on the wall… we can play with it and see how it will look like.

5. We need to decide the colour of the FACTORY sign on the wall. Anny will go to leyland to take colours samples today
6. Conveyor belt NEEDS WORK ON! Djordje and Felix are doing it as soon Felix finishes printing his white book.
7. Three holes need to be cut out from the plywood wall for the TV. Sasha can do this.

Updates later! Here the is so heavy the pc crashed few times, now I am working on it in indesign and I will export the singular strips. There are 8 A1 strips to be printed. Tomorrow I will have a sample on canvas.


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