Project Review 13.06

Quick update on the Project Review exhibition

Here is the plan and elevation:

Dip9_Exhibition elevation proposal

Dip9_Exhibition elevation

I sent the drawings to Lee and Sebastian from exhibition and Anita from facility. There should be no problem to let them built these two walls on both sides of the fireplace. I asked as well if we can cover the fireplace and paint it. I will have a response on Monday.

I asked Joel about the three tv screens hopefully it will be available.

Things to do and people doing it:

-wallpaper, which include collecting 15 drawings from each one of us, assembling the drawings, print on canvas/wallpaper, check for prices for this. (sabrina)

-Unit book, which include collecting materials from each one of us, layout the book, print it and bind it. (Miruna)

-Making of the conveyer belt, which include design, measure, buy the wood, construct it + shelves for the models attached to the wallpaper wall(Djordje and Felix), starting from Monday

-Dip9 life, which include collecting the materials from each of us, choose the selected images which will work in correspondence with the wallpaper landscape + the aurasma app (Maridia)

-Videos, we should start collecting videos as well, the people who has videos are below. Someone should take care of this whenever possible. Depending on the screens the videos will be divided into 3 parts or perhaps one big video. Then we will need to sort it out the editing bit. It should be something fast and painless.

1. Catarina, her factory
2. Anny, the drawings
3. Nara, the installations
4. Oliver, the office
5. Sabrina, the carmina burana
6. Felix, the opening box factory
7. Miruna, the animated drawing
8. Anouk, the website/marble DIY

-Whitebooks, reminder to finish the individual whitebook, which I suggest to bind in Store street, because if you print it at school then for £26 in a couple of days you have it back. People who need to finish this asap:

-DIP9 portrait, obviously not a must but I have started drawing our dip9 family picture. Obviously it is not urgent but if please you can send to me a picture of how you want to be represented it would be good to get going with it. I am missing portraits from just 3 people:

Thank youall. See you on Monday!

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3 Responses to Project Review 13.06

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    Sorry for the annoying comment but dont forget to consider the distance between wall-conveyor belt- visitor. If the wallpaper is meant to be scanned with the aurasma app this needs to be considered.


  2. Sabrina Morreale says:

    Right, wrote it down!

  3. Anouk Ahlborn says:

    I suggested using a selfie stick; just another silly joke.

    Sabri, I will help Miru with the unit book.