Project Drawing

unfolding drawing 2 [Converted]

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4 Responses to Project Drawing

  1. Catarina Cruz says:

    weird but i like it! good colours :)

  2. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    for some reason reminds me of this pink floyd album cover – Dark Side of the Moon:

    you totally need a ‘rock’ band to make this an album cover. sorry, bad pun. couldn’t help myself.

    Also, these covers…….ha!×400.jpg

  3. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    Oh, and the image/drawing is great. Do more!

  4. Liz Tatarintseva says:

    Hah, I was thinking the same thing about the album covers :) I would like to have one more of these drawings done, but will work on the text first and then see if I have more time!