Project Contents

I’m now trying to write down the themes I’m working with in my project in the form of a short essay.

Here are the table of contents for now, and the first three parts of it.


Table of Contents

1.Intro – World Visions

Singular and multiple perspectives on the surrounding environment.

Ideal City of Urbino vs Zaha Hadid’s The World (89 Degrees)

2.The Figure and the Ground

Figure and ground as separate entities able to influence each other. (Shifts in the ground influence the figures on it and figures influence how we read the ground in the first miniatures of clipper and cap)

Figure and ground as collapsed and flattened concepts.

3.The Body

Calvino’s Invisible Cities as a model to analyse urban environments as more than their form, but as a collection of desires and experiences of their inhabitants.

( New miniature with scene of a crash, introducing the human figure into the picture).

Contemporary obsession with the human figure within the image, and over saturation of images in our society ( Camp scene miniature ).

4.The Miniature

Miniature as an historic testing ground for the interaction of the elements just presented.

Introducing the further dimension of the object. ( Fold drawing + 3d model + new jewel miniature ­).

5. Conclusion

Miniature as an ideal medium for the representation of the world. Its miniaturised content gives the possibility to arrange complex relationships within a condensed format.

At the same time, the format itself is pushing the boundaries of the miniature into the world of objects, adding further layers of meaning to it.


For the first three parts: Stuck



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2 Responses to Project Contents

  1. Natasha Sandmeier says:

    you are NOT STUCK. that word is the most banned word in the unit.
    You might not know where you are or what you are doing but that does not mean that you are stuck, nor lost. It just means you need to keep going, keep pushing and all will become clear (at some point).

    Hope you’re drawing something gorgeous for tomorrow! and printing it on some super sumptuous paper.