I’ve finally managed to control the speed of the footage attached to the screens with the media wall test video. Now, the transition from the room into the screen is much smoother.

I will now continue to work on this technique with a series of rooms that i will pan through bouncing in and out from one reality to the other.

So far, I’ve been modelling this new framework of rooms. I’ve attached a screenshot below to show how we transition from one room to the other. at the moment its a chunk of cables seperating Dan’s Room from his neighbour. Following this, server rooms and services can be emphasises much more?

23 Screenshot 2017-02-27 17.54.02 copy

Following this, i’ve been re-writing the script, allowing for more of a relationship with Reality 1 and Reality 2, allowing for me to constantly jump in and out through the screens within these apartments.

Finally, i’ve been thinking about the model and unfortunately could not get any slots today to cut some pieces. I have attached some drawings of the model though. To quickly explain, the model now works on 4 sides allowing for views to be composed out of more rooms and directions. I’ve made three main zones that i aim to fill up with trees, sand and perhaps even a city. The middle is somewhat of an atrium and will be filled with neon lights that will illuminate the model through-out. This obviously still needs quite a lot of work but i think its good for now as a structure.

2 1

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