Processing ideas/ construction of knowledge

After Friday’s tutorial I started looking at origami folding paper models representing the process of ideas appearing and disappearing/fold and unfold:

more experiments to come!

Construction of my own archive:

Ideas, travel , jump, pop in your head to sometimes stay and be regenerated or to disappear, like black holes entering your universe. Every day information adds to your own knowledge, information that didn’t exist before.Can the black hole be the apparatus of the mind of an architect?Imagine if you can perceive the shooting thoughts  that enter your mind and understand their impact and speed?

I am currently working on a movie that could represent that…

More finds on the black hole:

-An event horizon in a balk hole is defined as “the point of no return”. This idea was updated recently but the Hawking team saying that there could be a release of information when the black hole evaporates.


“Black holes theoretically suck in everything around them, including light, causing information to be lost, forever. But back in the 70’s Hawking and colleagues discovered that some information escapes…but the information that escapes is not enough to describe everything that was eaten by a given black hole, so, the question remains, what happens to the rest of the information when the black hole dies?”

Read more at:

-The black hole is  the apparatus of the creation of the universe:

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