Presentation and the rest

I am working on my presentation, putting a caption next to the image, still lots to refine but it’ll get there. Today I also made moulds for my concrete blocks, will cast those on Monday.

Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 22.46.45


My main priority is to sort out the presentation, format the drawings I have and have them printed. Once that is done, I will continue working on the last drawing so hopefully will manage on time!

I wanted to ask your opinion on how should I present books(images)? The thing is that only one of them is bound and I am finding the size of it not ideal for presentation. Do you think it will be better to print all pages larger and flick through or project on the screen and have an original size on the table? Thanks.

This is it for now.



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One Response to Presentation and the rest

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    … What is it an ideal size for presentation anywya? Print the other “concrete block book around london”, bound it and have two books, which can be two different sizes on the table anyway. Have some images of both book on your presentation as well… just something like 5 images and you show your AA book and then other 5 images and you show the other one. But I think the maps will have to be very nice and finished and be on the table perhaps and you explaining where it started and where it is going to..