Prehistoric Landscape in the Construction Site

07_Construction Site (0-00-00-05)

Here’s the animated version of the shot in the construction site with the conservationists’ landscape view.

And a description of the complete scene below. From here, the plan is to finalise the script/character text today – which I will post later/bring to tutorials tomorrow for final revisions. I am organising a recording session/shoot with actors for this saturday.

A construction site from above, empty but for a trail of people walking through. Where the people walk, the ground is covered in grass and dirt – as if they are not in a construction site at all, but rather somewhere deep in an untouched wilderness. The natural ground cover fades away into the bare concrete and dirt of a the construction site several meters away from the walkers. 


Our group has been studying the landscape for decades and we see this place as it was in the ​pre-human times. We’re among the few who really value the past – it’s not something that Leviathan thinks about much. So we come to sites like this as they are empty of other people and their views and we have a chance to embed how we see onto the streets.

A group of walkers hike along a trail, it appears to be covered in natural rock and grass. A dense fog has settled over the landscape. In the distance, the silhouettes of cranes and unfinished towers looms.

From above, a lush green landscape winds its way between unfinished buildings – panels of glass reflecting the colours of the wilderness. 


The Past Earth Group wants Leviathan to take our origins more seriously. We’re part of her after all and when we group together, our view becomes more obvious, more permanent – a space of clarity amongst Leviathan’s schizophrenia.  

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