POV machine?


The following model is in its most crude form. I hope that in the coming days i can build upon it and refine it as tool of POV manipulation. Whilst the totality of the image can only be seen from a single POV, the various layers begin to exaggerate the effects of scale, depth, perspective etc. I am also hoping to include more “relief” to the model, as i think the juxtaposition between the 2D and 3D could unravel some interesting results.

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One Response to POV machine?

  1. I had an amazing idea for your project after our rum shot of today.

    So! I think you need to have your year project using the DOLLY ZOOM. now here the reference: https://vimeo.com/84548119

    Using the zooming, and the opaque perspex as in your model to zoom in, zoom out of scenes, imaginery, wolds, and to enter new sensoriums everytime. Look at the video is very good!