Post Jury Thoughts – Butterfly Effect of Architecture


The key comment that I would like to address after going through the jury notes is situating the project. Bringing the hierarchy to the presentation so that the essence of the project is backed up by all the intricacies of the transformations happening simultaneously.

I think the project is about the butterfly effect of the landscape and the object (these two elements being mutually interchangeable). For me, the landscape is the organic mountain, for Zaha it is the city. For me the butterfly wing or the object is the factory, for Zaha it is the leisure club. The actual effect that the object or the metaphorical butterfly wing will produce is done through the lens of the architect.

I think the presentation needs to start by clearly setting out this relation of the landscape or the context and the object. Perhaps having a singular drawing of a larger format (so far all of my drawings have been quite small and leveled in terms of their importance and hierarchy) that reveals just enough for the viewer to be seeking these elements of transformation. I will work on a sketch of what this drawing could be for Friday, as well as working on the rest of the film.

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