Post Jury, pre tables

Notes from the Jury:

– you need to practice speaking/presenting more slowly!
– be ironic when you talk about ‘blocking’ future development of London
– you shouldn’t be in a position where someone asks you ‘How do you build it?’, ‘How do you get planning permission?’
– you are bouncing from one piece to the next so it is very difficult to read the project
– if you mean literal, then it is not working. If its fictional you need to reframe the work and state what you expect to achieve
– how you present is very fragmented: identity book, block, block in graphic form, blocks in … and each time the block is a different status
– refer to Gropius/Cedric image and identity where you are looking
– time
– the block is mute
– negative utopia

These are some notes from the Jury that I am going to address. I am now listening to the recording of my Jury to see see if I missed any valuable comments.

Tonight I am aiming to come up with a plan for the next 7 days and also will revisit my presentation text for tomorrow’s discussion.

Think we made some awesome project reviews photos today!

See you all tomorrow


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