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here is the manifesto that was hand-in to the jury :

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bad news, Rotor, a belgian office that i referenced already a few weeks ago in 2 videos already made a website similar to mine. It is here :, (and its great). It looks like they are proposing their expertise to developper whenever they have to dismantle a building (for free) and see what they can take and sell in their online store. It’s very close to what OFFW is engaged into for now. I still think that continuing to work on  the website is relevant but it needs to engage further or to follow a different narrative in the way that waste are valued.

Today i thought about blockchain and bitcoin as (perhaps) an interesting take on the project. I made the connection during the discussion with the jury. I read an article a couple of days ago about bitcoin and the fact that – if i remember, it’s a currency ( a potential value) linked to a blockchain, which, if i understand it right, is the path (or the sum of action/state) that a specific object has gone through.

it needs to be research further but it implies the notion of value linked with the precedents, the history of an object. Interesting when questioning the value of waste…

Has to be discussed.

I was thinking that it could also be interesting to choose an actual site (or a building, or maybe a typology of building) in order to be able to link the scale of the object and the one of the territory, which was also one of the civic brought to table by the jury.

+ the offshore platform geology


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