Post Jury

I think the most important part of the project which is the thesis driving it isn’t clear so I want to work on clarifying that. I am going through all my notes and comments received at the Preview tables and last Jury and earlier in the term and trying to clarify what is my thesis. I am quite certain that this is now a crucial part as without a clear thesis I am just going to be producing drawings/images which will bring more confusion and more questions and directions to the table (please correct me if Im wrong).

By placing those monoliths into the city context, I am somehow changing the identity of surrounding buildings, streets, places. The question is how and why? I liked Mike’s comment where he said that instead of solid concrete blocks they might be fake, some sort of skin representing and masking something. It reminded me of how during the World War II military hid the entire airport by strategically placing a camouflage netting which made it seem from air like a rural subdivision (pictures below).



I’ve also looked at OMA’s project on historic preservation in Beijing (2003) which has a lot of interesting points. I’ve been also reading on protected vistas (views) in London.

I do like the fact that my project has a lot of historical and black/white imagery, I feel that this must be a part of my thesis too.

I will spend the rest of tonight writing down notes for thesis and trying to link those together.

Hope everyone is good!

See you tomorrow



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2 Responses to Post Jury

  1. Oliver Pershav says:

    Just remember, a project does not emerge out of a thesis, nor does a thesis emerge out of a project. It is a mutual process. So, by not only trying to understand what you have done so far, you should also try what you haven’t done yet.