Post Final Jury – moving forward

combined Jury comments:

Accidents within the linearity – showing true notion of fragmentation ( like example of Judd vs Warhol in Soho) – what if panorama gets folded to create different relationships? -maybe make that for the plan? -The point regarding what happens when elements come together needs to be declared. PLAN DWG IDEA?

– talk about relationships between all objects. – why chosen? why come together?

– the podium kills Mies /Judd – Judd/Warhol wouldn’t have acknowledged the podium.

– Inventing your genealogy – how can you work on them, how they can have a place in your project other than as celebrities. – They are both massive corporations.

– CLAIM A CONCLUSION – (do a Warhol) Orchestrate the production – show with PLAN DWG 

– Make the sea, the field in-between  – YOU ARE THE SEA. –  show with PLAN DWG 



I am re-writing presentation text, working on my White book which I want to print in 3 copies for tables +bind and working on a booklet which will incorporate my Berlin photo series and my UCS installation photos around the AA from recon.

I decided to re-make the Spring street model to crush it at Tables as I thought it made the most sense. – rather than choosing another building. Do you guys agree? – I am laser cutting and assembling it tomorrow.

Tuesday and Wednesday I want to finalise a drawing and documents mentioned above. Wednesday and Thursday I want to work on text + Conclusion and finalise printing.

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One Response to Post Final Jury – moving forward

  1. Sabrina Morreale says:

    I am writing here what I though of your presentation: I think it would be very good to proceed with the performance. So I will present for the first 7 mins what you have been working. what judd will do? what warhol will do? while you speak you assemble the drawings and pieces in a empty box. At min 8 you take a bucket full of concrete and you pour it on top. These two are dead. I do not care what they think or how they will act. and then present your pangea long panorama…

    eh……?? eh…………………..????? not too bad eh??