Possible treatment of anti-museum

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While researching for TS, I stumbled upon these new materials, aerogels, of which possibly the most common is silica aerogel. These incredibly lightweight monolithic materials are translucent, have a very high degree of thermal resistance, are elastic and incredibly lightweight. At a molecular level, they are a network which scientists are perpetually modifying in order to make stronger. They are looking at steel structures such as the Eiffel tower or the Golden Gate bridge in order to give more structural strength to the now brittle material.

In this storyboard I have taken a recognisable London building and treated it in silica aerogel. The real Gherkin itself is buried with the building of new urban layers above it. Excavated, the gherkin becomes an artefact and it is replaced by a fake, an aerogel monolithic ghost. When yet another layer of the city is buried and fossilised, the aerogel ghost can be destroyed in celebration. The aerogel effigy is no longer anchored to the ground and floats away in the breeze.

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